Pink Sapphire Ring

It is always a known fact that jewels have a special effect on women. Some might say it’s her best friend. While using these jewels is possible on a numerous occasions, it is common to have a whole collection of jewelry by women. By the passing of time many rituals are described related to various jewels, while each jewels having its significance of some sort.

Sapphires are common to be used as jewelry. These are available naturally on the planet, in various forms. These may also be colorless or in many colors including variants of gray and black shaded. Sapphires are commonly found in following colors:

a) Blue sapphire: Color in the gem stones is considered based on three components hue, saturation, and tome of the gemstone. Blue sapphires are simply considered in quality based on their purity in manner of hue. The blue sapphires are distinguished in various forms from dark violet to purplish blue.

Pink Sapphire Ring

b) Fancy Color Sapphires: sapphires are also common to be found in colors as green and yellow.

c) Pink Sapphires- The Pink Sapphire Ring are usually found when the quantity of chromium is increased. The density of pink color simply reflects the monetary value of the sapphire. The pink sapphire has recently been available in a big amount in market due to a artificial technology that is producing pink sapphires by a method called “Lattice diffusion”.

d) Padparadscha- Padparadscha is a type of sapphire with pink-orange shade in it. The sapphire has a medium saturation and lighter tone in it. The sapphire was originally found in Sri Lanka.

e) Star Sapphire- Start sapphire is a typical sapphire that shows the unusual phenomenon of displaying star-like structure on its surface. This type of sapphire is also commonly known as Star Rubies.

f) Color Change Sapphire: This is a rare kind of sapphire that has the ability and characteristic to change colors in different lightings. These color changing sapphires are of blue color in outdoor sunlight and the color changes to purple when introduced into the indoor lights.

Pink sapphires are widely popular in women as these are beautiful and give a nice look. The trend of Pink Sapphire Ring is not old either. The more depth the pink color has the more is the beauty and subsequently the price of the pink sapphire.

Whether it is a marriage ring or is given just as a gift it’s always perfect for the moment. The sapphire is beautiful and it gives a feminine look too making it perfect for the occasion.

As of now it is also possible to develop pink sapphire in laboratories using artificial development techniques. The synthetic sapphires are developed using aluminum oxide, which is later fused in an environment of inert hot nature. In this process, the yield sapphires are transparent product that is a little porous in nature. Currently the annual production of synthetic sapphires yearly is about 600 tons.

The cost of pink sapphire varies by facts like depth of their color, color, size, cut, and the entire quality along with the region of their origin.


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